Chappatte - Virtual Exhibition

IMMERSIVE VERSION of the exhibition presented in Geneva in 2021-2022. A best-of of Chappatte cartoons, completed with an educational tour on the state of political cartooning in the world. Plus a virtual store where you can buy your own cartoon... Put on your 3D glasses, or simply grab your computer, tablet, smartphone. Let's start [only in French for now]:


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This 3D visit recreates the "Chappatte - Gare aux dessins" exhibition*, which welcomed nearly 15'000 visitors, including 700 students from 33 classes from December 17, 2021 to March 13, 2022 at the Contemporary Art Building of Geneva., Switzerland.

Pap of the virtual tour:
> GROUND FLOOR - A cartoon-journey through the long months of the Covid pandemic leads to a dark room, where the star of the virus eclipses the Earth.

> 1st FLOOR - A staircase leads to the first floor, in the midst of a firework display of Chappatte's cartoons, some of them in giant format. In this tumult of current events, the funny and the trivial rub shoulders with the serious and the profound. In the center, large hanging canvases invite visitors to a labyrinthine journey on freedom of expression and its limits, through the works of 24 cartoonists from Switzerland and around the world, including Herrmann, Martial Leiter, Mix & Remix, Musa Kart (Turkey), Avi Katz (Israel), Ann Telnaes (United States), or Xavier Gorce (France). As a special guest, the Palestinian cartoonist from Syria Hani Abbas presents some of his best cartoons.

> STORE - Presenting a selection of works by Chappatte and Hani Abbas (large format and A4) in the online store. (20% of sales to benefit the Freedom Cartoonists Foundation)

* Original exhibition co-produced by the Musée des beaux-arts du Locle and the City of Geneva, in partnership with the Freedom Cartoonists Foundation.